Zero Tolerance Rules

  1. You will be asked to pack up and leave immediately if any of these rules are broken.

  2. No Drugs or Alcohol to be used or brought on premises.

  3. No fighting.

  4. No stealing.

  5. No boyfriends for 6 months.

  6. No sneaking out past curfew hours.

  7. No leaving without permission in your first 28 days.

  8. You fail a drug or alcohol test you will be escorted off property.

  9. No lying on intake.

  10. If you know someone has used, is intoxicated, or has drugs on her and you do not report it you will be removed with her.

  11. You have 2 weeks after intake to secure a job. If on disability, you will be asked to volunteer at a local charity part-time.

  12. You may not walk off any job as many employers are supporters of this house.

  13. You must participate in any function we are asked to attend or help at. There will be no acting out. It will not be tolerated.

  14. You will maintain Clean Living House property on scheduled days.

  15. No one will spend the night out or have someone stay at Clean Living House with them.

  16. If you are locked out, call someone with a key. Do Not attempt to break in.

  17. No borrowing money.

  18. Keep clothed at all times.

  19. You will pay allocated rent weekly. No exceptions.

Standard Rules

  1. No cell phone for 28 days.

  2. You must sign out if you leave the premises at all times. No exceptions.

  3. You will not leave the premises within your 28 days without another house member with 60 days or more. No exceptions.

  4. You will apply for food stamps.

  5. You will complete your designated chore before you leave in the morning and complete them in evening. No exceptions.

  6. You will wash your own dish when finished eating. No exceptions.

  7. The house phone is to be used for emergencies only in your first 28 days. No exceptions.

  8. All meetings are mandatory. No exceptions.

  9. Curfew is 10:00 and lights out at 11:00 unless with a reading light or phone light and earbuds during the week and Midnight on weekends as a courtesy for those who work.

  10. Wrap-up (house meeting) is mandatory for everyone and is held weekly. Participation is also mandatory.

  11. You must get a sponsor within your first 28 days and be actively working the 12 Steps of recovery.